Saturday, October 20, 2012


So... I decided to start a family blog. I've debated it for quite some time now.  I have horrible spelling and not so hot at writing, but I do have the cutest kids in the freaking whole wide world ( I may be just a wee bit bias) This is a perfect way for me to remember how cute and fun they are as we grow older.  Also, a great reminder of how cute and fun they are when I want to bang my head against a brick wall. Just kidding....or not?

 Do not judge my writing skills, or else....dun dun dun. (scary music)

Today we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. It was kind of bittersweet because we normally go with my BFF's family, but they up and moved to Chicago. (How rude!) The weather was perfect! It was Hazel's first time and she didn't cry so I'm guessing that she loved it. I made one parenting mistake while we were there. I let Lincoln make a Smore BEFORE we went and picked out pumpkins. He was a sticky mess and could have cared less about anything except for eating his smore. Which happen to take him the entire time we were there.  I practically had to beg him to pick out a pumpkin. While doing so, he was not paying attention (stupid smore) and tripped over a pumpkin. I was just waiting for him to start crying...but he stood up, dusted himself off, straight up kicked that pumpkin and walked away. I probably should have thrown in a "Lincoln, we don't kick pumpkins." But, it took everything in me to not start laughing.  Overall, we  had a great time! Now you can look at a million pictures of it. :)

Look at that leg and pointed toes! Future dancer?!

ps. When you see in my Yankees hat it means I did not sleep last night due to a certain cutie patootie. 
 AKA I look like crap. 


  1. Nice work Blair! This makes me want to create a blog. I forget everything and this would be a great way of keeping memories. :)