Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Yesterday we took the kiddos to a "Healthy Halloween".  A local hospital and the KC Chiefs put it on for children with diabetes that cannot eat halloween candy. It was at the Chiefs Stadium and the kids had a blast. There were random activities, but Lincoln mostly just ran around. He fell in LOVE with spooky halloween music. Or "smooky nusic". 

 Lincoln wanted to be "datman" for halloween, so I went ahead and made Hazel "datgurl".  I did not want to buy a store bought costume, but I knew I did not have time to make one. So, I just pieced together some things and made some felt arm and leg bands.  He looks like a raggedy batman, but I loved it. It was a little frustrating that he would not keep his mask on, but oh well!  My favorite part about his outfit was his constant little wedgie the entire night. Or as Lincoln says " Mom, I gotta a sweaty." I have yet to correct him. :) 

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