Saturday, November 24, 2012


My dishwasher broke a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I was stressing out. I refuse to hand wash dishes the week of Thanksgiving with two small children. Or better yet, pay for a repair man a month before Christmas. Yuck. During a mini break down, (while hand washing dishes- murmuring under my breath like the dad from A Christmas Story) I realized how selfish I was being. I'm so lucky just to have clean water to wash my dishes with and drink, or having dishes in general.  It's so easy taking little things for granted. I'm so  lucky and thankful for everything I have. Even a broken dishwasher.  
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Someone in the family showing off. Just kidding :) My super creative sister made this awesome appetizer.  Lincoln would grab pieces of cheese, take a bite and then leave it  random places all over the house.  I'm pretty sure my aunt  will find random cheese   throughout her  entire house the next couple days. Maybe up to Christmas. 

 Boys will be boys...

 My baby sister and Lincoln 
 My sister (after taking thirty pictures) - "Surely there is at least one good one."  Uh.. WRONG! 

  Hazel Baby's First Thanksgiving
 My two older sisters with Hazel. Holly is due any day with her baby girl, Sonnie!

  The whole Shabang..
  Caught these two cuties on the porch

 Hazel's hair needs an entire blog post on it's own. It is absolutely... AWESOME!
 The good ol' leaves on the head game

 Perfect Thanksgiving weather

  That darn tryptophan..but, I'm lovin the double chin.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Friends Forever

Lincoln's  BFF  recently moved to Chicago and Lincoln misses her terribly! Lucky for us, they travel back home often.  I was secretly super excited when Sylvie's mama ( my BFF) asked me to babysit because her sitter got sick.  I knew Lincoln would love hanging out with Sylvie for the day! He misses that girl so much!  I feel so lucky to have kids around the same age as my best friend! I cannot wait to watch them grow up together.. actually I can wait... STAY LITTLE!

I love watching them play together, they bicker like an old married couple. 
Sylvie- "It's not done yet." -shuts microwave door
Lincoln- "It's done!"-opens microwave door
This conversation went on for a good 15mins! Love those kiddos!

 Lincoln wanted to read his favorite book, "The Spider and the Fly" to Sylvie.
 Typical male- Sylvie is cleaning while Lincoln is lounging in bed.  :)
 Lincoln is terrified of slides. I love how this picture captures him hanging on for dear life to this tiny slide. Trust me people, this is a huge step for him...
 Sylvie was a little hesitant to let the truck in the house.


 Love this girl

 Sylvie loves Hazel baby too.
 I walked in to find Sylvie with a bucket on her head... not sure if this was her idea or not.

  1. Standing for a picture. 2. Lincoln annoying Sylvie. 3. All out brawl. 4. Sylvie gets Lincoln in a headlock and shows him who's boss-If that's not true love I don't know what is. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Seriously... November??? I cannot believe this ah-maz-ing weather!  I decided to get the kids outside to play. I know the cold weather is coming. I dread the cold weather.  Not because I don't personally enjoy it, I just know cold weather means being stuck in a house with an almost three year old boy.  Which is similar to being stuck in a house with a Tasmanian devil, except you can throw the Tasmanian devil out the front door. 

 Not quite sure what to think about these "leaves"

Lincoln putting a leaf on her head.
  He thinks it's hilarious.
She does not...