Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Friends Forever

Lincoln's  BFF  recently moved to Chicago and Lincoln misses her terribly! Lucky for us, they travel back home often.  I was secretly super excited when Sylvie's mama ( my BFF) asked me to babysit because her sitter got sick.  I knew Lincoln would love hanging out with Sylvie for the day! He misses that girl so much!  I feel so lucky to have kids around the same age as my best friend! I cannot wait to watch them grow up together.. actually I can wait... STAY LITTLE!

I love watching them play together, they bicker like an old married couple. 
Sylvie- "It's not done yet." -shuts microwave door
Lincoln- "It's done!"-opens microwave door
This conversation went on for a good 15mins! Love those kiddos!

 Lincoln wanted to read his favorite book, "The Spider and the Fly" to Sylvie.
 Typical male- Sylvie is cleaning while Lincoln is lounging in bed.  :)
 Lincoln is terrified of slides. I love how this picture captures him hanging on for dear life to this tiny slide. Trust me people, this is a huge step for him...
 Sylvie was a little hesitant to let the truck in the house.


 Love this girl

 Sylvie loves Hazel baby too.
 I walked in to find Sylvie with a bucket on her head... not sure if this was her idea or not.

  1. Standing for a picture. 2. Lincoln annoying Sylvie. 3. All out brawl. 4. Sylvie gets Lincoln in a headlock and shows him who's boss-If that's not true love I don't know what is. 

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