Thursday, December 19, 2013


I LOVE Christmas time, but it really snuck up on me this year! Hazel and I decorated the house while Lincoln was at school. We still have not finished unpacking, so I just worked with what I could find in random boxes. I love Christmas decorations! I have a Christmas decoration Pinterest board floating in my head all season long. But, I can never bring myself to actually spend the money on any. I just need to buy the  decorations when they go on sale, but after spending money on presents I can never bring myself to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Maybe this year?

Can't wait to add another Baby's 1st Christmas ornament next year! 

 I own the ugliest collection of Santa's. I LOVE them. The uglier the better. 
 Mom FAIL. I splurged and bought this advent calendar at the beginning of the season. I had BIG plans for this thing. Ummm.. we have done ZERO days!! Next year….
   I have this beautiful GIANT framed chalkboard on my fireplace. The problem is I have the worst handwriting known to mankind! So, it is constantly blank. I would have loved for it to have some beautiful holiday saying/picture.
I need to make into a mirror.
My little helper.

I just noticed the reflection of my dirty clothes basket in the mirror. :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013


We visited Union Station and Crown Center on Nate's day off.  The kids finally got to sit on Santa's lap. Lincoln could have cared less  (not excited at all) and Hazel SCREAMED! I felt so bad for her I did not even snap a picture,  so we ended up buying one.  It was horrible quality. I'm trying to convince Nate to hit up another Santa so I can get a better picture. Lincoln did manage to let Santa know that he wants a Skylanders game and a "bug sucker" for Christmas. I think Nate and I are just as excited for  Christmas as he is! Last year, he didn't really "get it" or ask for anything. We are dying to see his face Christmas morning.  The kids rode the Jones Train and visited the train workshop at Union Station. They liked it, but were  way more into the toy train tables they had set up in the back. :) 

Monday, December 2, 2013


 I know, I'm skipping Thanksgiving pictures. To be honest... I do not take even ONE picture! I even remembered to bring my nice camera and had my phone the whole time. It was such a relaxing and amazing Thanksgiving I could not bring myself to do anything but stuff my face and talk with family. Nate was on kid duty basically the whole time.  Isn't that awful?  Not one darn picture. Oh well, moving on. 
This weekend we went to a Tree Farm to cut down a Christmas tree. We did it a couple of years ago, but things got a little crazy with Hazel's health last winter and we ended up not going.  As soon as we got there, we headed to their little shop to grab a small hand saw. As I was grabbing our hand saw I see Lincoln walking towards us with a giant chainsaw! He had stole an employees chainsaw. I about had a heart attack! Everyone else thought it was so funny. He reminds us of the movie "Problem Child." But, in his defense, who sets a chainsaw next to small hand saws?  He went for the big boy.
We ended up having a lot of fun, but we had a hard time picking a tree. There was too many to choose from and they were all so beautiful.  The weather was beautiful too! It was 50 degrees and super sunny, it was actually hard taking pictures with all the sun. 
 When we finally picked our tree I thought Lincoln would love cutting down the tree. But, about half way through he had a complete MELT DOWN. He was crying and screaming "That tree is not special!" Nate ended up carrying him and the tree all the way back. 

 Hazel is blurry in this picture, but I LOVED catching her little smile. 

When I was talking pictures, I did not even notice Lincoln's hand cupping Nate's chin. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013


 The weather was in the mid 50's Friday and we decided to take advantage of it! Our yard went from no leaves to completely covered in leaves in one day. Which is random, because we do not have a single tree in our front yard.  I told the kids we could make a leaf pile and go to town. Unfortunately,after doing some investigating I learned our rake is still at our old house. I panicked a little bit, I was not looking forward to breaking Lincoln's heart and canceling our "leaf pile" plans. So, we made the best of it and took advantage of the leaves naturally piled up in front of our garage door. Whatever works! 
This chick is not into smiling. She is always so serious. :)
Playing around with photo editing.  :)
When they hug, Hazel pats his back the whole time. It is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. :) 

Lincoln insists his zippers be zipped up all the way to the top. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We had a great Halloween this year. The kids LOVED it! I knew Lincoln would love it, but I could not believe how much Hazel loved it! I thought she would be too young to really care! But, she walked up to every door and took as much candy as they would let her. Which was a lot, because every one insisted she take us much as she wanted. At one point, she tried to take the whole candy bowl. If I would not have intervened they probably would have gave it to her.  Lincoln always made it to the door before her and pretty soon I heard him asking for a second piece of candy for his  little sister! What a sneaky boy! So sad October is over, but bring on November! 

 We took a short visit to the pumpkin patch earlier in the month.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Every year our Church has a Trunk or Treat right before the big Independence Halloween Parade. This year... I was less then prepared. I made the kids costumes Friday night and we had to be at Trunk or Treat on Saturday by 1:45pm. Luckily, they were not too hard to make. Lincoln really wanted to be a skeleton. The best part is we used glow and the dark paint around the bones. Every time he puts it on, he goes in the bathroom and turns the lights off and stares at his glowing bones. 
Hazel, a snow owl. I have always loved the Martha Stewart diy chicken costume. But, I wasn't sold on this little lady dressing as a chicken. So I used the same idea and just tweaked it a bit. I found a bunch of cute felt owl masks online and used those for inspiration. Unfortunately,  Hazel  had a runny nose. Poor girl had feathers stuck to her snot like a mustache the entire time. My house and car are also covered in feathers.
 But, we had a great time and I have already eaten Lincoln's entire bag of Halloween candy.  I really have no self control. 
A face full of snot...

 I forgot a candy bag and he had to use a plastic sack. Whoops!
 We found  this little duckling at the parade. :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


 Lincoln had his first field trip today at a Pumpkin Patch. We arrived at 11:00am and left early at 11:45am.  It was CRAZY! There were way too many kids there for me! I thought having a background as a teacher I would be ok with it. But, having Hazel along for the ride proved to be too much. I needed a brown sack to breath in. Next time, I really need to find a babysitter for Hazel! We ended up leaving his school group after 15 minutes and exploring the pumpkin patch by ourselves for a bit. I was able to get some pictures in before we took off.  Lincoln did not want his picture taken, and Hazel screamed "Apple" the entire time.