Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hazelbaby-8 months

As I was digging out Hazel's monthly onesie stickers, I noticed I only have FOUR left. insane. Anywho-this month Hazel has moved into the big bath with Lincoln. As long as she has a bath toy she loves it. It feels like she has been teething for an entire month, I was convinced all her teeth were coming in at once. I just knew I would get her up one morning and she would be smiling at me with an entire mouth full of teeth (kind of creepy if you picture it in your head!) But, only TWO little boogers on the bottom are poking through. Right now her favorite thing to do is dance parties. She LOVES for us to hold her and jam out to some tunes. I absolutely love that she plays with her hair when I'm nursing her. She twirls it until she falls asleep. On her effected side (sprengels deformity) she has a limited range of motion with her arm, so she can't reach her hair and plays with her eyelashes instead. :) 

 photo IMG_8932_zps77843761.jpg

 photo IMG_8970_zps82b05550.jpg
Ha- just noticed Lincoln in the background. Not quite sure of his choice of seating. Also- pretty sure he is in his underwear in almost every picture.  
 photo IMG_8971_zpscf8a973f.jpg
She will sit and play Lincoln's piano all day long. Perhaps she has inherited Nate's music gene. Lord knows its not from me. I have been trying to learn Chopsticks for years. It's so darn hard.  photo IMG_9015_zps3c6ca9af.jpg
ps. This is her outfit from her 3 month pictures. It's size 0-3months. She is quite the nugget.
 photo IMG_9024_zps10c378f9.jpg
Get it girl... really feelin it.
 photo IMG_9022_zps323a5331.jpg

 photo IMG_9027_zps0fc45236.jpg

 photo IMG_9050_zps02e3da34.jpg
So glad I bought monthly onesie stickers. She has ripped every single one off since 5 months.

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