Friday, January 18, 2013

valentine gifts

  I'm so excited about the kids Valentine gifts this year! Is that weird? I really didn't want to get candy for them because I'm the one that ends up eating it. ALL of it. I have no self control. Anyway, I wanted to go with a love theme and found these adorable counting books called Babylit books. So stinkin cute! I got Hazel Pride and Prejudice and Lincoln Romeo and Juliet. I also wanted to get a little something to go along with the books. Lucky me, or I guess Hazel, Babylit also has a matching Mr. Darcy doll! Perfect. I knew Lincoln would not really appreciate a Romeo or Juliet doll, so instead I got him a plush sword. That way he can't hurt Hazel with it. Well, I'm sure he will still find a way. He always finds a way.  Now...what to get the hubs.

 photo IMG_8875_zpsedd09d52.jpg

 photo IMG_8873_zps9145005b.jpg

 photo IMG_8865_zpsc25b8463.jpg

 photo IMG_8864_zpsa1e1584f.jpg

 photo IMG_8877_zps8550df35.jpg

 photo IMG_8890_zps6db5f453.jpg

 photo IMG_8893_zps284f96a2.jpg
My BFF, Monica (Mephotography) took some amazing Valentine pics of the kiddos!
 photo IMG_3887-2-1_zps1f4ed492.jpg

 photo IMG_3942-1_zps890bd00c.jpg

 photo IMG_4011_zps723b174d.jpg

 photo IMG_3823_zps902add4f.jpg

 photo IMG_3984_zpsf8f6d18c.jpg

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