Wednesday, February 27, 2013

nine and three

 I thought it would be a great idea to schedule Lincoln's three year check-up and Hazel's nine month check-up together. Wrong.  Being  snowed in for a week then confined to a very small room did not mix well for my children.  
It went a little something like this...
A. I was getting over a pinched nerve and I was walking like I was 99 years old.
 B.Lincoln was all over the place. Pushing buttons, climbing and jumping on everything.
C. I was so excited when the nurse told me to put a gown on Lincoln. Aww...his first little gown. I was instructed to leave his underwear and socks on. As soon as I took his jeans off I looked down in horror. Nate had dressed Lincoln this morning and could not find any underwear for him. (note to self-do laundry) His solution was to put on a pair of Hazel's 6-12 month pajama pants as underwear. Not to add, he needs a haircut. Picture this...kid with crazy hair, running around crazy, wearing tiny, tiny pajama pants. I was mortified. 
D. Hazel was crying non-stop. I couldn't hear anything the Dr. was saying, so in panic mode I grabbed a kids magazine from the bookshelf and let her hold it. She stopped crying. But, by the time I looked at her again she had eaten a good portion of the magazine. 
The appointment ended with the Dr. telling me "I think you've been here long enough." 
Oh great. I'm that person.
So, somewhere in the craziness I lost my handy paper with all their stats. All I can remember is Lincoln is in the 25% for something.Hazel weighs 15 pounds and I am never bringing two kids to the Dr's again. 

Lincoln at his three year check-up
(iphone picture)
Hazel at nine months:
She started rolling over for the first time 2 weeks ago!! 
She gets up about 2 times a night. On a good night.
She loves to feed herself!

Once again, eating her sticker.

I can point at what I want :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

snowmageddon 2013

I loved snow days as a teacher. They terrify me as a stay at home mom. Being trapped in a house with two small children and no way out is terrifying. But, we made the best of it and survived. Here is how..

I left him alone with paint for 2 seconds. He ruined my kitchen table in 1 second. 
His masterpiece
 Taking any means necessary to get his energy out.
 Making slime

Lincoln's book of choice
Made our own "Cuddle Island"

 When you run out of activities, throw them in water.
Rules go out the door on snow days.

 Live concert- "Stand by your Man"

 Whipped up some baby head wraps out of scrap fabric for Hazel baby. She agreed to model them for me. 

Finally-I let them play in the snow

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

neon dance party

This past weekend Lincoln and Hazel were invited to a birthday party for my friend Carrie's daughter, Easton. Easton and Lincoln are only two weeks apart. It's fun to see him play with someone so close in age. The kids had a blast at her neon dance party! They got to decorate their own party shirts with neon paint and then had a dance party complete with a black light! The kids had  glowstick wands, bracelets and rings. Even the balloons had glowsticks inside them! (Hazel really got down with her glowstick wand during the party) Seeing small children dancing in their neon shirts gangnam style with neon flying everywhere was quite a sight! Lincoln even got to take home Easton's dance party mix as a party favor. (score!) So much fun!  I forgot to bring my camera, so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Boo.

I had soo much fun making Easton's present. Having kids is the best excuse to be a kid again. I happen to run across this great tutorial on a DIY magnetic paper doll set.I loved her tutorial. I especially loved the idea of a fabric cover to keep it all together.   Hopefully I can find some boy paper dolls for Lincoln and make him one. Actually-Just thinking about it kind of makes me cringe. I have issues with toys that include small pieces. I panic if they are not together in the right place and Lincoln tends to not keep them together in the right place. I'm working through it though. I've had several panic attacks over Lincoln's alphabet puzzle. I still can't find that darn "I". Deep breaths...

(magnetic paper doll set tutorial click here )

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy heart day

*My mini Valentines*
I'm a lucky gal!

 Valentine decorations
 We had our cousins over for a special Valentine lunch, but things got a little crazy and I didn't get any pictures off them all together. 

 This is the first cake I've made with chocolate ganache. It was VERY rich and delish! I may or may not have ate THREE PIECES! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the after party

Some after party cuteness...

Lincoln is loving his new crayon tool belt. Made by my uber creative cousin. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

it's my birthday

A couple of months ago Lincoln told me he wanted a datman birfday party. (aka batman birthday party)   I started thinking ahead and even bought a few items.  Well, about a month ago my sister let us borrow the movie Monsters, Inc. and he fell in LOVE with it! He then decided he wanted a Monsters, Inc party. Or as he calls it a Randall party. Randall is the bad guy in Monsters, Inc and Lincoln has really taken a liking to him. Being the flexible mother I am, I complied and switched gears.(sorry Batman!) I loved Monsters, Inc when it first came out so I was super excited to be able to turn it into a birthday party. The only issue is the movie came out 12 years ago!! (I know, I'm old) There is nothing Monsters, Inc in stores and not very many ideas on online. Which is good and bad because it made me actually have to think of ideas instead of hit up  Pinterest. Which I've come to rely on these days. (love me some Pinterest!) I've seen the movie enough times to get some great ideas from it. Besides a few major minor bumps in the road (kids falling in pool and Lincoln's  new trike putting a scratch in  my parents wood cabinets) it was a success. But, most importantly Lincoln loved his party. He told me his favorite part was the icing. I guess next year I'm just giving the kids shots of icing as they walk in, turning them around, giving them a good 'ole tush slap and sending them out the door. (much easier to plan!)

My sister drew up Boo's door about 20 minutes before the party to hang outside! Thanks Tonya!
In the movie, Sulley's picture is hung up  every single month for scarer of the month. I made a scarer of the month poster with each month being a picture of Lincoln throughout his second year. It was a great way to show how much he has grown! 

Chocolate covered oreo  favors. 

I had a blast making all the food labels. I love Picmonkey!

I saw PB&J sushi on Pinterest and it immediately made me think of the sushi restaurant (Harryhausens) Mike and Celia eat at. 

Had to throw Randall in there somewhere.

Push-up cake pop Scream Canisters.
I'm still missing three, people!! I will find you...
I knew I didn't have a lot of extra time to make a cake, so I wanted something simple.This was my first time making an ombre cake. I added some spots of purple to make it more Sulley. For the topper I bought a Funko Pop Sulley. I love the look of those things!
I couldn't find a shirt I liked, so I threw one together last minute. Felt and fabric glue are my friends!

Lincoln picked out a monster shirt for me to wear. He said "that's cool mom." What's not cool was that I failed to notice the unfortunate location the the monster's eyeballs. 
Mike Wazowski made an appearance!
So did Boo. Uncanny resemblance, I know.

His new trike and helmet.  :)

Sylvie wanted in on the action!
arranged marriage?

Love this boy so much. I cannot believe he is three years old. I love everything about him. Even cleaning his poop off the floor after he squished it under his bedroom door during nap time. He decided to end the terrible two's with style. Can't wait to see what three brings! Bring it on!!
 photo IMG_9573_zps9ef0ff45.jpg

A couple of weeks ago Lincoln's birthday party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess! (eeeee!) After it was featured I have received many questions about the labels I  made on  For some crazy reason I deleted them off of my computer! But, after getting so many requests for them I went ahead and remade them. I'm not a professional, so this is as good as it gets. :) But, here they are for your party needs!
 I left them blank at the bottom so you can personalize them yourself.  
Here is the link to download them :)

Here is some advice (just in case) on the link
2. select picture(s) -download and save to your computer
3. Open picture at picmonkey
4. Use their alphabet tool to write food names at the bottom
5. re-save
6. upload to your favorite online photo place and print as a 4X6. My personal favorite is a matte finish at Walgreens. :)