Tuesday, February 19, 2013

neon dance party

This past weekend Lincoln and Hazel were invited to a birthday party for my friend Carrie's daughter, Easton. Easton and Lincoln are only two weeks apart. It's fun to see him play with someone so close in age. The kids had a blast at her neon dance party! They got to decorate their own party shirts with neon paint and then had a dance party complete with a black light! The kids had  glowstick wands, bracelets and rings. Even the balloons had glowsticks inside them! (Hazel really got down with her glowstick wand during the party) Seeing small children dancing in their neon shirts gangnam style with neon flying everywhere was quite a sight! Lincoln even got to take home Easton's dance party mix as a party favor. (score!) So much fun!  I forgot to bring my camera, so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Boo.

I had soo much fun making Easton's present. Having kids is the best excuse to be a kid again. I happen to run across this great tutorial on a DIY magnetic paper doll set.I loved her tutorial. I especially loved the idea of a fabric cover to keep it all together.   Hopefully I can find some boy paper dolls for Lincoln and make him one. Actually-Just thinking about it kind of makes me cringe. I have issues with toys that include small pieces. I panic if they are not together in the right place and Lincoln tends to not keep them together in the right place. I'm working through it though. I've had several panic attacks over Lincoln's alphabet puzzle. I still can't find that darn "I". Deep breaths...

(magnetic paper doll set tutorial click here )

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