Wednesday, February 27, 2013

nine and three

 I thought it would be a great idea to schedule Lincoln's three year check-up and Hazel's nine month check-up together. Wrong.  Being  snowed in for a week then confined to a very small room did not mix well for my children.  
It went a little something like this...
A. I was getting over a pinched nerve and I was walking like I was 99 years old.
 B.Lincoln was all over the place. Pushing buttons, climbing and jumping on everything.
C. I was so excited when the nurse told me to put a gown on Lincoln. Aww...his first little gown. I was instructed to leave his underwear and socks on. As soon as I took his jeans off I looked down in horror. Nate had dressed Lincoln this morning and could not find any underwear for him. (note to self-do laundry) His solution was to put on a pair of Hazel's 6-12 month pajama pants as underwear. Not to add, he needs a haircut. Picture this...kid with crazy hair, running around crazy, wearing tiny, tiny pajama pants. I was mortified. 
D. Hazel was crying non-stop. I couldn't hear anything the Dr. was saying, so in panic mode I grabbed a kids magazine from the bookshelf and let her hold it. She stopped crying. But, by the time I looked at her again she had eaten a good portion of the magazine. 
The appointment ended with the Dr. telling me "I think you've been here long enough." 
Oh great. I'm that person.
So, somewhere in the craziness I lost my handy paper with all their stats. All I can remember is Lincoln is in the 25% for something.Hazel weighs 15 pounds and I am never bringing two kids to the Dr's again. 

Lincoln at his three year check-up
(iphone picture)
Hazel at nine months:
She started rolling over for the first time 2 weeks ago!! 
She gets up about 2 times a night. On a good night.
She loves to feed herself!

Once again, eating her sticker.

I can point at what I want :)

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