Sunday, March 24, 2013

ten month tea party

Yes, it's true. This gal is ten months today! In honor of her ten month birthday we had a tea party. During the tea party we discussed this past month. Hazel is rolling around like a mad woman. She cannot scoot,crawl or pull-up, but she can get almost anywhere rolling. She LOVES to eat. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and she loves to snack on those baby cheese puff things.  Hazel and I had a serious discussion about her sleeping habits. Lincoln started sleeping through the night at ten months, so hopefully tonight is the night! She is still waking up 3-4 times a night. (bleh)  She is definitely going through the mama's girl stage. If I am in the room no one can hold her except for me.  She is waving and saying mama and dadda and I'm 70.2% sure she said cat. 

Getting ready for the party.We decided on fancy.
-Please note how cute her little feet are in these pics-
She just learned this new face....and it's sort of awesome.

Straight from the teapot. My kinda girl.  
Also- I wish my arm dimples were as cute as hers. 

ps. Her 1st Birthday is two months away!!! 

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