Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging and cakes

 I started this blog to replace scrapbooking. I  love to scrapbook, but between cooking, cleaning,  and you know raising two kids I found it really hard to find the time and money.  I still want to be able to have something we can look back on and remember the little  things. I also love the fact when Lincoln and Hazel look back at this blog, not only will they have memories of how they were, but they can get an idea of who Nate and I  were. Anyway the point of this post is I really want to make sure I don't stop doing things/ quit things I love to do just because I have kids.  I love to make cakes. At this time in my life I'm taking a break because it was getting crazy stressful finding the time. (Not quitting...just taking a break.) Every once in awhile if I'm feeling really crazy I take on a couple orders. Plus, maybe Lincoln and Hazel will think it's pretty neat that I make/decorate cakes. But, for  right now, Lincoln does not think it's pretty neat. He is just constantly pissed that he doesn't get to eat any. Here are a couple cakes I made this past month. This post is is not to say "Hey everyone, look at my cakes." But, more "Look Lincoln and Hazel, I did more then wipe your bottoms and clean up poop and pee this month."

 A pirate/mermaid theme for Luci and Jonny! Their mom threw an AMAZING party! What lucky kiddos!
 Sweet Vivi's First Birthday party!
 Her smash cake
An Angry Birds Star Wars cake for my cousin's son, Evan. Lincoln and I actually got to eat some of this one!
 I was so excited to get to make a cake for BFF, Monica's baby sprinkle. I can't wait to meet that baby boy! I'm still convinced she is not really pregnant though. She looks amazing!
ps. I forgot to take a picture, so my phone pic will have to do.
The table at the sprinkle. The girls who hosted did an amazing job! Such a talented group of girls! 

Monday, April 29, 2013


Nate took a day off last week and we took the kids to the KC Zoo.  I  took the kids a few weeks ago with some friends, but it was so busy! Luckily for us, this time it was perfect. For the first half, Nate had Hazel in the carrier. Usually I'm carrying Hazel or pushing a double stroller, so it was a nice break to be able to just hang out with Lincoln. He loved seeing all the animals. But, he was terrified of the polar bear when he would push off the glass. If you've been to the KC zoo you would know that the polar bear spends a good part of his day doing nothing but pushing off the glass. But, for Lincoln even after the tenth time he did  it still freaked him out. Lincoln is very cautious these days. The train was broke and we decided not to walk to the Africa, so I'm sure we
will be back soon to finish it up. Can't wait!

 I've come to grips with the fact his hair is just going to stick up in the back no matter the amount of water/hairspray/gel I drench it with. You win hair, you win. 

 Two peas in a pod
 His hair... he is like a reverse Alfalfa. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

11 months new

 Today is Hazel's official eleven month birthday. Her little personality shows more and more every day. She is sooo shy and sweet. I love it when she hides her face into my chest when new people try to talk to her.  She also has the best beauty queen wave around. At this point she still will not let anyone hold her when I'm in the room. ( My arms are killing me!!) Her sleeping is getting MUCH better. She is only waking up once around 5:00am for a feeding and then sleeping a couple hours more.  She is such a great eater and loves to eat anything I feed her. Especially hummus! Not picky at all! Her personal favorites are dirt,  random strings of thread, tiny floor crumbs and just about anything she can get her hands on! She has had some interesting things come out the other end for sure... Which is so weird because Lincoln NEVER put anything in his mouth and he is the pickiest eater I know! Happy eleven months, Hazel Baby!

Those teeth...
Her only teeth at this point. 

 She decided to take a break during her shoot.
 I made this dress for her, but it is a 12 month and WAY too big for this little lady! Oh well, she rocks it anyway.

 I might be wrong, but I think she is giving me a dirty look! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

sprengles deformity

Hazel had another appointment with a Orthopedic Surgeon about her sprengles deformity this week. The Dr. was so nice and we learned so much. I knew that Klippel- feil syndrome was rare, but I did not know that sprengles deformity was even more rare.  I'm assuming that is why her first Pediatrician didn't catch it.  At Hazel's 9 month visit, the Dr. asked if he could bring some of his colleagues in to look at it. In my head, I became a mama bear ready to charge with my arms up  like some freak monkey screaming "My daughters not a science show!" (Go ahead... take a moment to visualize it) But, I snapped out of it and I'm beyond happy that Hazel can help Doctors identify it sooner on other babes.

It looks as if we are going to go ahead and plan on Hazel having surgery on her shoulder when she is three years old. The Orthopedic Surgeon let us know that even after surgery her shoulder will never look like her other one or have 100 percent range of movement. But, it will help her and if we wait too long to do surgery the results are not as great and there is a bigger chance of nerve damage.  Hazel is also starting Physical Therapy in a couple weeks! Can't wait to see improvements with her neck and shoulder movements. 

I looked backed through Hazel's newborn pics and I could definitely tell a difference in her shoulders. Here are some pictures to give an idea of what sprengels deformity is. Basically, her left scapula did not descend when she was a fetus and she has an extra bone or something pushing it up. We will find up more on her actual case when she gets an MRI. 

 Scapula descended or not descended she is still one beautiful babe! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Soccer Mom

It's official... I'm a soccer mom. Lincoln had his first soccer games this past weekend. I had no idea what to expect. He has been averaging about 5 minutes of actual soccer play per practice. Let me note, practices are an hour long. The rest of the time he runs around knocking down every cone the coaches set up and picking his nose. He is pretty darn good at kicking those cones down though. I have confidence once he uses those skills to kick the ball instead of cones he will be great! 

They actually had two games this weekend. Lincoln refused to play any of the first game. He just ran around like a crazy man screaming, " I don't want to play soccer!." The second game went much better. He played goalie. Thank goodness the ball didn't come near him. ( The coach was pretty confident the ball was not going to come near him when he put him in.) He spent most of the time tangled in the net, picking his nose and chatting it up with his teammates. But, the most important fact.. the other team did not score while he was goalie! Then he played on the field the last quarter!  He may have spent it playing in dirt, and sitting in the middle of the field,  but he in fact was on the field during the game! That's progress! 

Warming up...
 "I don't want to play soccer!!!"
 Playing in the dirt..


 Coach running after him.. he was not suppose to be on the field!

 He left his post to chat with some teammates.
Go Blue Sharks!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We had a great Easter here at the Dean household. Filled with egg decorating, a pajama party, church, great weather and way more sugar than any three year old should ever have. In the great words of Nate Dean, "I think this is what a sugar high is." Also, If you have never had a dark chocolate Peepster, go out and get yourself a bag right now. I mean it.

Lincoln's egg.  In true Lincoln style, the egg was smashed minutes after this picture was taken. 

 My mom's egg.
Katie's egg.

Tonya's furby egg. 
Pajama Party

He thinks of these things all on his own, folks. 

Lincoln LOVED the egg hunt! 

Hazel Baby loved her first Easter, mostly because she got to hold plastic eggs. 
-Ignore the falling bow-
And for some reason I thought we would try for a family picture. 

It's not an Easter party without these cheeks.
I forgot to take a picture of their Easter baskets.  But, basically they just got these bunnies I sewed for them.  Hazel is terrified of the tutu and Lincoln named his bunny Beetle, and then changed it to Doedee.