Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We had a great Easter here at the Dean household. Filled with egg decorating, a pajama party, church, great weather and way more sugar than any three year old should ever have. In the great words of Nate Dean, "I think this is what a sugar high is." Also, If you have never had a dark chocolate Peepster, go out and get yourself a bag right now. I mean it.

Lincoln's egg.  In true Lincoln style, the egg was smashed minutes after this picture was taken. 

 My mom's egg.
Katie's egg.

Tonya's furby egg. 
Pajama Party

He thinks of these things all on his own, folks. 

Lincoln LOVED the egg hunt! 

Hazel Baby loved her first Easter, mostly because she got to hold plastic eggs. 
-Ignore the falling bow-
And for some reason I thought we would try for a family picture. 

It's not an Easter party without these cheeks.
I forgot to take a picture of their Easter baskets.  But, basically they just got these bunnies I sewed for them.  Hazel is terrified of the tutu and Lincoln named his bunny Beetle, and then changed it to Doedee. 

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