Monday, April 8, 2013

Soccer Mom

It's official... I'm a soccer mom. Lincoln had his first soccer games this past weekend. I had no idea what to expect. He has been averaging about 5 minutes of actual soccer play per practice. Let me note, practices are an hour long. The rest of the time he runs around knocking down every cone the coaches set up and picking his nose. He is pretty darn good at kicking those cones down though. I have confidence once he uses those skills to kick the ball instead of cones he will be great! 

They actually had two games this weekend. Lincoln refused to play any of the first game. He just ran around like a crazy man screaming, " I don't want to play soccer!." The second game went much better. He played goalie. Thank goodness the ball didn't come near him. ( The coach was pretty confident the ball was not going to come near him when he put him in.) He spent most of the time tangled in the net, picking his nose and chatting it up with his teammates. But, the most important fact.. the other team did not score while he was goalie! Then he played on the field the last quarter!  He may have spent it playing in dirt, and sitting in the middle of the field,  but he in fact was on the field during the game! That's progress! 

Warming up...
 "I don't want to play soccer!!!"
 Playing in the dirt..


 Coach running after him.. he was not suppose to be on the field!

 He left his post to chat with some teammates.
Go Blue Sharks!

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