Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging and cakes

 I started this blog to replace scrapbooking. I  love to scrapbook, but between cooking, cleaning,  and you know raising two kids I found it really hard to find the time and money.  I still want to be able to have something we can look back on and remember the little  things. I also love the fact when Lincoln and Hazel look back at this blog, not only will they have memories of how they were, but they can get an idea of who Nate and I  were. Anyway the point of this post is I really want to make sure I don't stop doing things/ quit things I love to do just because I have kids.  I love to make cakes. At this time in my life I'm taking a break because it was getting crazy stressful finding the time. (Not quitting...just taking a break.) Every once in awhile if I'm feeling really crazy I take on a couple orders. Plus, maybe Lincoln and Hazel will think it's pretty neat that I make/decorate cakes. But, for  right now, Lincoln does not think it's pretty neat. He is just constantly pissed that he doesn't get to eat any. Here are a couple cakes I made this past month. This post is is not to say "Hey everyone, look at my cakes." But, more "Look Lincoln and Hazel, I did more then wipe your bottoms and clean up poop and pee this month."

 A pirate/mermaid theme for Luci and Jonny! Their mom threw an AMAZING party! What lucky kiddos!
 Sweet Vivi's First Birthday party!
 Her smash cake
An Angry Birds Star Wars cake for my cousin's son, Evan. Lincoln and I actually got to eat some of this one!
 I was so excited to get to make a cake for BFF, Monica's baby sprinkle. I can't wait to meet that baby boy! I'm still convinced she is not really pregnant though. She looks amazing!
ps. I forgot to take a picture, so my phone pic will have to do.
The table at the sprinkle. The girls who hosted did an amazing job! Such a talented group of girls! 

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