Monday, May 20, 2013

A Secret Garden First Birthday Party

For Hazel's first birthday party I thought it would be fun to do a Secret Garden theme. I like flowers and loved the idea of being able to incorporate a skeleton key, since it is the symbol of the KFS Alliance. So... I had big plans for Hazel's party. Most of them fell through. But, with the help of friends, family and a glass of wine it all came together. First off, I burned the macarons and  the sugar cookies. Luckily, I was able to make more sugar cookies. But, sadly no macarons. Second, her party was suppose to be at a park. The weather called for damaging hail and tornadoes. My sweet Aunt offered her house as a plan B. I went ahead and went with plan B. No reason to get everyone killed here. Turns out it didn't storm until later. But, I know if I would have went with the park it would have stormed. Anywho- I was planning on using the outdoors as my decorations. Therefore, I didn't have much decor wise.  Third, I didn't finish Hazel's birthday dress. It's missing its sash. Fifth, I forgot to make her a smash cake for her actual party. I made one for her smash cake photoshoot, but not her actual party. Made a quick cupcake instead. Six, as I was dying Hazel's icing for her cake I grabbed the wrong color. It was suppose to be purple. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless when the icing  turned BLUE! I was not about to waste it, so I just made it work. Oh yah,to add the icing to the cake, during the baking process I opened my upper cabinet and a full bottle of sprinkles flew out and hit me in the head. The entire bottle spilt everywhere. I'm talking about the sprinkles that are tiny colorful balls. The kind of tiny balls I will be finding for the rest of my life. Oh well, the party went on and I had so much fun seeing everyone! Here are some party pics!

I loved making her invitations! It was kind of relaxing working on them once the babes went to bed.

Sash-less secret garden dress I made for her. And her party shoes!
 The blue cake...
 I still have the fondant flowers. They took forever to make and I'm having a hard time parting with them. Soon, I promise. 

  I made her a number one pinata. But, sadly we didn't get to use it. I'm sure my Aunt would not have appreciated toddlers swinging a baseball bat in her house. So, it tuned into decoration.

  I borrowed my nephew's mini polaroid camera and took pictures throughout the party and used washi tape to stick them to the glass door. It was the party wall. I forgot to take a picture of it at the end of the party though. But, I'm so glad Hazel will always have these fun pics of her party guests. :) The best part is when Monica and I looked at the party wall she noticed we had done the same double thumbs up, elbows out pose. Priceless. 

Party favors: Mason jar DIY dirt and worms

The birthday girl and her daddy.
We split her gift with my mom and got her a PotteryBarn Kids chair for her birthday present, she loves it!

She turned her cupcake upside down, took the wrapper off and ate it cake first. She loved the cake way more than the icing. Who's kid is this?!?

 This gal was a real party saver! I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without her! She got Hazel dressed for me, made all the beverages, helped haul everything over. I owe her!! I also owe her like 6 painting jobs, but that's another story. :) Thanks Katy A.!

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  1. Your party was beautiful! You can see the love that went into it, and blue or purple, that cake is stunning!