Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Helping Hazel

Last week my sister's held a benefit for Hazel. The benefit/birthday party was literally like a wedding reception. There was a photobooth, desserts, drinks, dancing and a raffle. I got the easy job, I just had to show up with the guest of honor. 
 I have been completely speechless these last couple of days. I kind of feeling like I'm giving an acceptance speech at the Oscar's and I'm going to leave someone out. Actually, I don't even know where to start. Soooo many people came together with their time,talents, donations, and love to help us and this sweet girl. People who see her everyday, people who hardly know her and people who have never met her.  It' so easy to get upset when I sit down and think about her future and the pain I know she will go through.  But, after seeing how many people love and care about her and our family I know she will be just fine.

One of my favorite memories of her benefit will always be of a man named Gilbert. Gilbert learned of the benefit through facebook. He and his wife drove 100 miles to be there. Gilbert had never met Hazel, but he also has  Klippel-Feil Sydrome. His birthday was the next day and the only gift he wanted was to be in the same room with someone else who has KFS. It was amazing to get to talk to him and learn more about how he lives with KFS. And another amazing thing , our friend from church who was also was recently diagnosed with KFS was there too. He was quite taken back. :) 

PS. She is quite the party animal, made it 3 hours past her bed time with hardly a fuss. Not to add she was still on the dance floor at 9:30pm dancing gangnam style. 

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