Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This weather.. finally! I was staring to lose hope. I can't tell you enough how hard it is being trapped inside with small children. The house starts closing in on me.  Glad spring weather is finally here... whew!  I just hope it sticks around for a bit. Or, at least until Hazel's birthday party this weekend. It's going to be at a park and warning, I will have a nervous break down if it snows or rains. Which I have come to learn is very possible in Missouri. 

He loves to fill up his sand/water table and use to for his squirt gun. He waters my yard for at least an hour. 

 My flowers :) Since this picture Lincoln has destroyed every single one. 

Naked finger painting. Only ok if you are under the age of 5. Or I guess.. speak for yourself?                                         

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