Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheesecake in the Park

Lately, one of our favorite family outings has been cheesecake in the park. It's pretty simple. We hit up The Cheesecake Factory, spend 20 minutes arguing over which  kind of cheesecake to get, head over to the Nelson Atkins Museum and dig in! That is our absolute favorite place to picnic. The front is so beautiful and huge!  Lincoln can run around forever, while we sit back and relax. Also, a huge bonus is the kids can use the restroom inside the museum. I'm not a fan of park restrooms. 

 I'm very good at sharing, except my dessert. It drives me crazy when someone does not order a dessert, claiming they will just have one small bite of yours. I'm mean, please. I've never met a human who can only have one bite of dessert. Once you get that first bite, it's over. They end up eating at least half of it! Nate has learned, after a very intense visit to Murray's, if he does not order any of his own he will not get any of mine. I'm very serious about my dessert! But, I do have an exception with cheesecake. I know it has like 3000 calories or something.. so I'm glad to split it with the family. :)  
  We went ahead and let Hazel have a little go at it. 

 They got tired and found the perfect pillow. 

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