Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Every year on her wedding anniversary my best friend, Monica slips back on her wedding dress and surprises her husband. He knows its coming, but never quite certain of exactly when. I think last year he came back in from mowing the lawn to see her cooking dinner in it. I literally pee my pants laughing every year just waiting to hear how she pulled it off.
Well, It gave me an idea  for Nate's gift this year.  I thought it would be fun to slip into my wedding dress for some pictures of me and the babes.
My sweet sister (tonyasuephotography)   did my makeup and took them for me .  He was so surprised and loved it! Both of the kiddos were  not very cooperative during the photo sesh. But, nothing could get in the way of my happiness. After seven years and two kids I got that bad boy zipped.

Happy seven year anniversary, Nate! So glad I get to call you mine. <3 

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