Wednesday, June 5, 2013

strawberry picking

This past weekend we took the kids strawberry picking. Nate and I have never been before and it was sooo much fun! I'm 100 % sure we had way more fun than the kiddos. Actually, once Hazel discovered she could eat the strawberries she was in heaven. She carried them around for quite awhile before she took a bite out of it and it rocked her world.  Lincoln lasted about 10 minutes before the whining kicked in. "I'm thirsty, I'm muddy, I'm tired." It really brought back some childhood memories. My parents  drug us  to every single historical place within a 100 mile radius. During of of our many tours my sister screamed, "My legs are on fire!!!" and then hit the ground like a ton of bricks. I'm sure our parents wanted to  just leave us there! So, I guess I kind of deserved a whiny three year old. 
 I have never tasted strawberries right off the vine and it makes me NEVER want to buy from the grocery store again. So far we have made strawberry shortcake and strawberry lemonade. Next up is a strawberry yogurt cake. Can't wait! 

Lincoln getting his pick on!
 Hazel baby, before she realized she was holding onto gold. 
 Girl has it down now!

  They taste even better then they look!

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