Sunday, July 21, 2013

one again

I was cleaning out old pictures on my computer and came across Lincoln's first and second birthday party.  I started blogging less than a year ago and therefore I never posted them. I love using my blog as a scrapbook and sInce I'm over the top and spend way too much time on party planning... I thought I would go ahead and post them for my own memories.  I'll break it up into two posts to avoid overkill. :) 

Here is one million pictures from of rootin tootin first birthday party. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Things I love about you today
* your kisses
* you laughter
*clapping at yourself after you climb a flight of stairs
* your sweet little baby words
*sticking your tiny foot in my face and waiting for me to say "stinky"

On a side note: I saw the cutest feather crowns on etsy from a shop called atinyarrow. I decided to try and make one. This became one the those DIY projects that takes way too long, costs way more than I anticipated and not even close to as cute as the original. Plus, I burnt myself with my hot glue gun...and it hurt. I learned the hard way it would have been better to just buy it. Kind of like the time I learned it would have been better to leave Lincoln's first haircut to a pro. (See below )  Why do I think everything looks easier than it is!? 
Anyway, check out her shop. You'll fall in love! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

We started our Independence Day with a bang. Nate took the kids with him to get his morning coffee and I busted out some pancakes, while blasting the new Robin Thicke song on repeat. (Thank you Pinterest for the quick pancake recipe and thank you youtube for free music videos) We then packed up and went on a family bike ride. The weather was perfect!  Nate and I grilled some up some turkey burgers and we had ourselves  a nice little  lunch. We decided to celebrate our freedom by  heading to Murray's and having ourselves the best ice cream in KC. We then spent a couple of hours at my parent's house for dinner. We had the kiddos in bed by 9pm. I spent the rest of the night cursing everyone shooting off fireworks. :) 

 My own personal short stack.

Hazel baby-my little fire cracker. 
 I bought her sun suit pattern off Esty months ago and finished it today during her nap.  I had no red thread on hand, so I had to use white thread for the hem on her ruffles. 
If you can't tell... it is really bothering me. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

homemade popsicles

We used the last of our strawberries we picked and made strawberry popsicles.They were pretty good.  And then we covered them in chocolate magic shell and they were excellent. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

why did the chicken cross the road...

Over the weekend we were gifted with some fresh chicken eggs and goat cheese. I've never had fresh chicken eggs or goat cheese before. Best gift ever.  The little speckles on the eggs are my favorite. I'm starting to think I need to buy a chicken and goat.  Now, I just need to convince myself to eat them instead of  just stare. Also, I'm slightly nervous I'm going to crack one open and a half formed chicken is going to come out.. not quite sure how that whole process works.

I wish I could say no eggs were harmed during these pictures. But, Lincoln did in fact crack one. 
 I guess I have to eat one after all. :)