Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Things I love about you today
* your kisses
* you laughter
*clapping at yourself after you climb a flight of stairs
* your sweet little baby words
*sticking your tiny foot in my face and waiting for me to say "stinky"

On a side note: I saw the cutest feather crowns on etsy from a shop called atinyarrow. I decided to try and make one. This became one the those DIY projects that takes way too long, costs way more than I anticipated and not even close to as cute as the original. Plus, I burnt myself with my hot glue gun...and it hurt. I learned the hard way it would have been better to just buy it. Kind of like the time I learned it would have been better to leave Lincoln's first haircut to a pro. (See below )  Why do I think everything looks easier than it is!? 
Anyway, check out her shop. You'll fall in love! 


  1. Hi there! You have an adorable family! I came across your blog randomly while searching the Internet about klippel-feil. Our son was recently formally diagnosed with it, although we knew at 20 weeks gestation about the anomalies and when he was born they were fairly certain it was klippel feil but with his latest diagnosis of sprengels they have formally diagnosed him with klippel-feil. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could email you as I saw on your blog you mentioned you were going to do the surgery for sprengels and I just wanted to discuss with another parent their journey with it. I also do a blog for our family, it is www.thegrissomgossip.blogspot.com


    1. Hi Megan,

      I responded through email. Let me know if you don't receive it!


  2. Aww mama! You are too sweet. I think what you ended up with is super cute! Your daughter is ADORABLE! Love these little pics:)
    ∆∆ a tiny arrow ∆∆