Thursday, December 19, 2013


I LOVE Christmas time, but it really snuck up on me this year! Hazel and I decorated the house while Lincoln was at school. We still have not finished unpacking, so I just worked with what I could find in random boxes. I love Christmas decorations! I have a Christmas decoration Pinterest board floating in my head all season long. But, I can never bring myself to actually spend the money on any. I just need to buy the  decorations when they go on sale, but after spending money on presents I can never bring myself to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Maybe this year?

Can't wait to add another Baby's 1st Christmas ornament next year! 

 I own the ugliest collection of Santa's. I LOVE them. The uglier the better. 
 Mom FAIL. I splurged and bought this advent calendar at the beginning of the season. I had BIG plans for this thing. Ummm.. we have done ZERO days!! Next year….
   I have this beautiful GIANT framed chalkboard on my fireplace. The problem is I have the worst handwriting known to mankind! So, it is constantly blank. I would have loved for it to have some beautiful holiday saying/picture.
I need to make into a mirror.
My little helper.

I just noticed the reflection of my dirty clothes basket in the mirror. :)

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