Monday, December 2, 2013


 I know, I'm skipping Thanksgiving pictures. To be honest... I do not take even ONE picture! I even remembered to bring my nice camera and had my phone the whole time. It was such a relaxing and amazing Thanksgiving I could not bring myself to do anything but stuff my face and talk with family. Nate was on kid duty basically the whole time.  Isn't that awful?  Not one darn picture. Oh well, moving on. 
This weekend we went to a Tree Farm to cut down a Christmas tree. We did it a couple of years ago, but things got a little crazy with Hazel's health last winter and we ended up not going.  As soon as we got there, we headed to their little shop to grab a small hand saw. As I was grabbing our hand saw I see Lincoln walking towards us with a giant chainsaw! He had stole an employees chainsaw. I about had a heart attack! Everyone else thought it was so funny. He reminds us of the movie "Problem Child." But, in his defense, who sets a chainsaw next to small hand saws?  He went for the big boy.
We ended up having a lot of fun, but we had a hard time picking a tree. There was too many to choose from and they were all so beautiful.  The weather was beautiful too! It was 50 degrees and super sunny, it was actually hard taking pictures with all the sun. 
 When we finally picked our tree I thought Lincoln would love cutting down the tree. But, about half way through he had a complete MELT DOWN. He was crying and screaming "That tree is not special!" Nate ended up carrying him and the tree all the way back. 

 Hazel is blurry in this picture, but I LOVED catching her little smile. 

When I was talking pictures, I did not even notice Lincoln's hand cupping Nate's chin. 

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