Saturday, December 14, 2013


We visited Union Station and Crown Center on Nate's day off.  The kids finally got to sit on Santa's lap. Lincoln could have cared less  (not excited at all) and Hazel SCREAMED! I felt so bad for her I did not even snap a picture,  so we ended up buying one.  It was horrible quality. I'm trying to convince Nate to hit up another Santa so I can get a better picture. Lincoln did manage to let Santa know that he wants a Skylanders game and a "bug sucker" for Christmas. I think Nate and I are just as excited for  Christmas as he is! Last year, he didn't really "get it" or ask for anything. We are dying to see his face Christmas morning.  The kids rode the Jones Train and visited the train workshop at Union Station. They liked it, but were  way more into the toy train tables they had set up in the back. :) 

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