Thursday, January 2, 2014


height: 30 inches (8%)
weight: 19.30oz (0.77%)
head circumference: 45 (11%)

-When we get in the car she takes shoes and socks off and says, "Hello piggies! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!
-She is OBSESSED with taking baths! Sometimes we find her sitting in the bathtub fully dressed. 
-Loves baby dolls and pretending to put them to bed. She will start pouting and says, " baby crying..sad.. waaa was waaa." 
- She screams "NO" when she wants me to hold her.
- Loves to put on her tutu, spin around and repeat "princess…princess…princess.."
-Her favorite song is Wagon Wheel by Daruis Rucker. She constantly wants Nate to sing the chorus. She will go up to him and say "Daddy Rocky"

Hazel is officially a year and a half. Well, actually she is 19 months now.  18 months has been crazy. She is sooo sweet, but is starting to throw fits.  She has the funniest personality and I love watching her grow everyday! 

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