Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 I cannot believe my little girl is 21 months! Her personality has being getting so big lately. She is absolutely hysterical but SO shy.  She hardly says a word when others are around, but is a complete chatterbox at home when it is just us around.  She is talking so much and putting 4-5 words together and it is killing me! I dropped some food on the ground today and she screamed "mama make a mess!" She also likes to say "Hazel still playing" and "Bubba mean" all the time. She lets us know if Lincoln messes with her. " bubba hit back, bubba push, bubba hurt neck." Lincoln cannot get away with anything anymore. She is also obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack and sings it all the time.  She  sings "Let it Go" on repeat and loves the "summer" song. We were in the car waiting to pick Lincoln up from school and she sang "Do you want to build a Snowman" almost word for word. She even said "Elsa? Anna go away..ok byeee!"  I'm not ready for her to be talking that much! She is quite sassy too. Tells me to "go away" all the time. :) She is very opinionated in what she wears.  She loves to wear "pretty dress" or "ballerina dress".  Throws HUGE fits if I take something off or put something on she does not want to wear. Total diva!  She is so tough though, and she is going to have to be with two brothers and her health issues. She had an inguinal herina repair surgery and was back to her normal self in no time. Took a rough  fall down my parents stairs the other day and didn't shed a tear, just got up like it was nothing. Girl will cry hysterically for 20 minutes if I take her damn tutu off, but can totally handle falling down a flight of stairs and surgery. 

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