Thursday, February 13, 2014


Lincoln's class had a small Valentine exchange on Tuesday. Now, he is just really confused when Valentine's Day actually is. Basically... my kids  think it was yesterday. We went ahead and put our red on and had some small Valentine Day fun. His mind is really going to be blown on Friday. 

I found her outfit thrifting and it reminded me of a vintage valentine card. 
She wanted to wear something more fancy for the big day. "ballerina dress" 

His class had a  card exchange. I made these the night before at  10pm. I am 100% sure not one child in his class will understand them, or even know who Shel Silverstein is. But, he is my absolute favorite kids author... and it is all my pregnant brain could think of.  So, I just went with it! 
*The pictures are really bad too. 

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