Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We celebrated Lincoln's fourth birthday with his current obsession, Skylanders. And let me tell you... these guys are not very cute. One of them barfs up lava for crying out loud. But, Lincoln LOVES them, so I knew his party HAD to be Skylanders. We had so much fun celebrating with family and friends! Last year, Lincoln was not very interested in opening presents, but that is all he talked about for days before his party.  He wanted a lot of bug stuff, which he got. He is just so happy and I am living in fear of waking up with an ant colony crawling across my face. He used any birthday money he received to buy more Skylanders for his collection and I have gained 10 extra pounds eating left over cake. 

Here are some party pics. We were snowed in all week, so I ended up re-using a lot of stuff from his Monster's Inc. Party.  
Warning-I took a bunch of pics for his baby book, so there is a lot. :) 
For his party favors we made some bean bags with some fabric and random bean bag filling from a project I never started. He loved getting to help make them.  I also made some chocolate covered cookies to match one of his favorite characters, Eye-Brawl. 

 I was not sure which direction I wanted to go with the cake. Last minute, I decided to go for more of a land/sky looking cake and stick some characters on top.

My mom was kind enough to make some macaroons for the party! We have both been trying to master them for a year. Those little things are tricky! 
 The birthday boy in all his cuteness

 I tried to match some characters to the food/drinks. This one was "Chill's Drinks and Ice." 
 "Blast Zone's Bombs" or berries. :)
 "Pop Fizz's Potion"  or jello
 Tree Rex's sticks

 "Shroomboom's bagel bites"
Hog Dog's Little smokies"
 and Leonardo...

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