Thursday, April 3, 2014

{Sewing for Lincoln}

This boy cracks me up. His personality gets bigger everyday and he is constantly making me laugh... and go crazy!   Lately, he has been calling me mom and not saying "I love you" back. My heart is breaking!! I feel like I should have at least 6-7 years before that!! He is such a stinker! I can't wait to see how he responds to having another sibling... it was a little rough when Hazel came, but I have a feeling this time he is going to rock it! 

He is my little sewing partner during Hazel's nap. He cuts up all my scrap fabric so I can make "dresses for bugs."  He has quite the bug obsession right now...
I never have any ideas of what to sew for boys. I feel like anything I can make I could buy  for cheaper.  But, I am LOVING the leggings for boys fad and I decided to make him a pair, he LOVES them and I love his skinny little legs in them! 

 A matching pair for baby brother, as if I wouldn't. ") 

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