Saturday, May 3, 2014


We celebrated Hazel's second birthday today! Her actual birthday is not until May 24th, but the new babe is due May 18th. So... I went ahead and planned an early party. The weather ended up being PERFECT and the kids played outside almost the whole time. I was a little worried because Hazel did not nap before the party, but she did awesome! Not even one melt down.  I was also kind of hoping her party would put me into labor, but so far this guy is staying put. 

I found a lot of dresses I wanted to get her, but in the end I decided to make her one and I'm so glad I did. 
I made some star wands, wings, hats, capes, crowns and what not for the kids to dress up. 

I decorated her cake at like 10pm the night before, I'm pretty sure Nate thinks I'm crazy. :)
The Birthday Girl
She got a little shy when everyone was singing to her. 

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