Friday, June 20, 2014


Here are some teasers from Sterling's newborn photoshoot by MEphotography. Hazel was a nightmare during her newborn pics, so I expected the worst!  I had to come back like  three times to get pics of her! Sterling ended up being a rockstar, hardly made a peep! He is such  good baby! It's so crazy to have a baby that doesn't cry all the time. I just figured he would be exactly like Lincoln and Hazel and cry for 3-6 months non stop and I would want to jump off the back deck. But,  I cannot get over how sweet he is and how much he looks like his daddy. Lincoln and Hazel look identical to my baby pictures, but this guy definitely looks like daddy.  Nate is pretty proud that the baby who looks like him is the most chill baby we have had. :)  Gah, I just want to eat him up! He stares at me with his huge eyes and I can hardly take it. I actually shouted out "Oh my gosh, he is so cute!" at the fabric store the other day.  I got a few stares.

Lincoln and Hazel were another story during the photoshoot. We couldn't quite get a picture of the three of them together. Those two have the funniest relationship, I love watching them play/fight together. It's so neat to see them interact with each other and I hope they continue to have a close relationship as they grow older. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Meet Sterling James Dean. 
8 lbs 4 oz..20 3/4 inches of pure cuteness
 I was scheduled to be induced at 6am on May 13th. But, this dude decided to come on his own! I started having contractions around 10:30pm on May 12th, and he was welcomed into the world at 7:39am on May 13th.  

My sister, Tonya was able to  photograph his birth. ( Spoiled, I know) Here are just a few. 
We are in LOVE.