Friday, July 18, 2014


 Hazel turned two at the end of May, but we just now made it to her two year checkup.  Her charts show her  too underweight and too short. But, what they do not show is her amazing personality.  She has this sweet little voice and the way she speaks cracks me up. She does not reply with a yes or no. For example, if you ask her if she wants a glass of water, her response is "I do want a glass of water."   I constantly have people commenting on her everywhere we go. She is VERY serious and way beyond her years. She has the most perfect timing/voice with her humor, she can deliver a line like no other. I have never seen anything like it. She is also very moody. Boy, she can throw a fit! She LOVES to annoy Lincoln and really get him upset and then start screaming and crying once he cracks. I guess that is what little sisters are for. 
Height- 31 inches
Weight- 22 pounds

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  1. She is just right.
    She is growing, developing and healthy.
    Charts aren't for everyone