Friday, August 29, 2014

8 weeks

 I cannot believe I finally got a happy baby! I just assumed he would cry for 6 months straight and never sleep like the first two. But, no. This guy sleeps through the night and only cries during baths. He hates baths. He has the sweetest smile and the most laid back personality. He is one chill dude. 

Fourth of July

Just a bit late on posting, but happy 4th! We had such a  blast (get it, blast? Ha)  spending the morning at First Fridays and the evening with family. Hazel was terrified of fireworks, and I was terrified Lincoln would come running into the house black hawk down style. But, it ended up being perfect. 

Hazel Ally

She owns me. And the worst part is she totally knows it. 

Unity Village

 We always love visiting Unity Village at the beginning of spring. It is such a great place for the kids to run around. My favorite thing about visiting Unity Village is people watching! Tons of people get pictures taken for dances,weddings etc at Unity Village. Basically, everyone there is so happy or at least pretending to be. It's lovely. I have been noticing a lot of unpleasant people lately when we are out and about and I can't understand  why people just don't at least pretend to be happy. I mean, I feel like I do a decent job of being pleasant when we make it out of the house. People would not even know I spent my morning raking poop of my bathroom floor.