Saturday, December 26, 2015

pumpkin patch

I know it's Christmas, but I have quite a few posts to catch up on....

We have always visited the pumpkin patch on a weekday. No crowds, no lines, it was as relaxing as a pumpkin patch can get. Now that Lincoln is in school, this year we had to go on a Saturday morning. Not just any Saturday morning... It was 75 degrees and beautiful.  Plus, the farm pig just had like 6 piglets! We (along with all of Missouri and Kansas) decided it was the perfect day to go.  We saw piglets, played in a bus full of corn, ate roasted corn, ran away from killer bees and killer crowds. But most of all we chased little Sterling around the entire farm. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sterling's first birthday party

We had a  very small BBQ with family and friends to celebrate Sterling and Aria turning one. It was very laid back and ended up being super fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from my good camera! They are all taken from my phone-total third kid issue/mom fail.  Sterling loved getting to eat cake and played in the backyard for most of his party. He is just the sweetest little boy and I'm so glad I get to be his mama. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

tiny dancer

Today we celebrated Hazel's birthday with a small "tiny dancer" playdate. She loves ballet, and it was the perfect theme for her!  Hazel had so much fun playing with all her friends, and we are so thankful for them!  She is always so serious, and I have zero pictures of her smiling! She is so loving, dramatic, smart, fancy and perfect. 
and now.. a thousand pictures :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

sterling at 11 months

A little late to post... but, Sterling is 11 months! This little guy is walking non-stop! His poor little head is covered in bumps and bruises! He LOVES to eat everything! He has six teeth, wears a size 3 diaper and is still not sleeping through the night. (Hopefully soon!) He is showing no signs of wanting to stop nursing and still will not take a sippy cup or bottle. His favorite thing to do is pushing toys around the house and getting into the toilet. (YUCK) He also enjoys throwing objects into the toilet.  Love this little guy! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sterling at ten months

Life has been so crazy and I cannot believe this little dude is already ten months. It's so true what they say about the days being long and the years being fast.  He just completes us. He is so sweet and I can already tell he is going to be a little Lincoln. Sterling is already tearing apart my kitchen cabinets and throwing anything he can into the toilet! (shoes, toys etc) He started taking steps right at the end of nine months, and sure enough was completely walking right at ten months. I thought the third one was suppose to be slower at everything!? He is a little chatter box and is saying, "mama, dada, and bubba".  Now, if only he would sleep through the night... he just misses me too much. :) Another fun fact, he is getting another bottom tooth. Lincoln and Hazel had like one tooth by the time they were one.