Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter 2016

I was horrible taking pictures on Easter. I did manage to get a few with my phone before Church. Whoops! 
We had a very laid back Easter.  We went over to Holly's house for a late lunch.Once it stopped SNOWING, the kids had a small easter egg hunt and ate way too much sugar.But,  Hazel kept her pigtails in for at least an hour.. I call that an Easter win!

Valentine's Day 2016

I tried to take a few pics of the kids on Valentine's Day, but Lincoln wanted nothing to do with it. :)


Lincoln turned SIX this year! He had a friend birthday party at a gymnastic place and LOVED it! It was our first time having a party outside of the house and it was definitely way less stressful!Lincoln has matured so much this last year, I feel like he is a totally different kid.  He is still obsessed with bugs/spiders and all things that are gross. So much so that papa and me-maw bought him a tarantula for his birthday!!!! He loves him and named him Skully!  The other day I noticed Lincoln had wrote "Sklly" with a crayon on his dresser right in front of his cage. When I asked him about it, all he had to say was "mom, do you know why i wrote it in gold? Because Sklly is a ROCKSTAR!"  Love his boy!

christmas 2016

sterling at 17 months

This kid is the definition of a sour patch kid... He can be the sweetest thing ever in the entire world, and the second you don't expect it.. he will just slug you. 

first day of kindergarten

Oh my goodness.... I am so behind on my blog.  I'm determined to get caught up, even if it means making out of order blog posts with blurry pics with bad lighting :) 

Lincoln started kindergarten this year!!! I know its almost the end of the year at this point, but I wanted to make sure I get some first day pics posted.  I was so nervous for him to start school and I even considered homeschooling him. Luckily, he has an AMAZING kindergarten teacher! I'm so thankful she gets him or else he would be in so much trouble! Here are some funny stories his teacher told me that I don't want to forget...

- During Thanksgiving his teacher was asking the class what their favorite types of pie were.  Most of the children responses were pumpkin pie and apple pie. When she called on Lincoln, his response was"organic." 
- I  might have went a little too heavy trying to teach Lincoln about the Pilgrims and Indians.. During school, his teacher was telling the nice story of the first Thanksgiving...Lincoln raised his hand and said " That's not how I heard it. I heard the Pilgrims killed most of the Indians!" His teacher informed me the whole class let out a gasp and turned their heads towards him. Apparently she had a hard time getting the class back on track after that. :) 

- Lincoln is obsessed with bugs. He knows EVERYTHING about them. It's insane how he can remember it all. Well, during class his teacher held out a writing assignment that said " Which bug is scarier -a bee or a spider? Of course Lincoln threw his hand up and said.. "Actually, a spider is not a bug, it's an arachnid." I'm so glad his teacher "clicks" with me, or else he would be in trouble!